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12. úkol - Thales´cane (Turkey)

Zadávají Španělé.

"An Egyptian priest asks smiling at Thales, which may be the height of the pyramid of King Khufu. Thales thinks and then says no calculate it conforms to eye, but measured without the help of any instrument. He leans on the sand and determines the length of his body.

The priest asks what he's thinking, and Thales explained to them, 'I'll just at one end of this line, which measures the length of my body, and I will wait until my long shadow matches. At that moment, the shadow of the Pyramid of Khufu your measure also has many steps as the height of the pyramid. '

The priest, bewildered by the extreme simplicity of the solution, wonders whether there is not some mistake, some sophistry, Thales added: 'But if you want me to measure that point, at any time, stick it in the sand my stick. "

Now suppose that at a certain time of the day, the shadow of the pyramid, in antiquity, measuring 280 meters and the shadow of the stick measured 2.87 meters. Calculate how tall cane and tell us who was the sage who owned.

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